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گروه بازاریابی صنعتی دوتاک

In the past supposed that Consumer markets and industrial markets are similar and concepts like marketing mix (4P), market segmentation, determining target market, positioning (STP) and … in Consumer marketing with a slight shift can be used in industrial marketing.

But since there are fundamental differences between these two markets (Which is explained in the article of “industrial and consumer market differences”) it should not be done and the industrial marketing concepts should be used. All industrial executives who are somehow dealing with the industrial markets agree that the industrial and consumer marketing is different. Because customers have different demands from industrial companies and there are significant differences due to the nature of this market. Repeatedly seen, individuals and companies operating on the industrial ‎ markets who do not have a proper knowledge of this market are trying to apply methods and models of the consumer ‎ markets.

Dotaak Company started its activity in the ‎field of industrial sales ‎ and ‎ marketing since 2010.  During this time We have  co-operate  with a large number of industrial companies in various fields, such as casting parts, production of hot and cold insulations, designing and manufacturing tanks, manufacturing fittings, decorative stones, manufacturing of heavy industrial parts, Pneumatic, Gas analyzers and control systems and ... in industries such as steel, cement, oil, gas, refining and petrochemicals, construction industry and .. .have been active. Since the beginning of our activities, we have been working on the market of industrial products and not on the consumer market because we believe the consumer market is a field that is not related to our activity. We also tried to follow the principled sources and methods. Unfortunately, researchers in this area have little research and there are few papers and books on this subject. That's why the activity in this field will be harder. But with the creation of practical models for each business in the industrial market, we have achieved significant success in this regard, and customer’s satisfaction and continued collaboration with the DOTAAK group reflects this.